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زبان فارسی آنلاین یک پایگاه آموزش اینترنتی ست که از پشتیبانی بنیاد میراث ایران برخوردار است. کاربران و کسانیکه مایل به یادگیری زبان فارسی هستند می‌توانند به طور رایگان از منابع گسترده این پایگاه آموزشی بهره‌مند شوند

Tomb of Hafez, Shiraz

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The Story of Language in Iran—10 Objects from Epic Iran at the V&A, Part 2

The Arrival of Indo-European Languages Foundation Slab: 522-486 BCE Susa, IranLimestoneMusée du Louvre, Paris Found during 19th-century excavations, this slab is inscribed in Old Persian cuneiform with what is known as the foundation inscription of Darius I. In this unique inscription Darius describes the construction of his palace and gives valuable information about bringing workmen

The Story of Language in Iran—10 Objects from Epic Iran at the V&A, Part 1

Persian Language Online is a flagship project of the Iran Heritage Foundation, which is proud to have co-organised Epic Iran, a major exhibition currently showing at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Open until September 2021, Epic Iran explores 5,000 years of Iranian art, design and culture, bringing together more than 300 objects from

An Introduction to Persian Calligraphy

On our blog this week we have invited Keramat Fathinia, a practising calligrapher, to give us a brief introduction to Persian calligraphy and its history. Born in Iran, Keramat has been teaching calligraphy for over 17 years and has received a distinguished certificate in both Nasta’liq and Shekasteh Nasta’liq styles from the Iranian Calligraphers Association

Tabiat Bridge, Tehran